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TicketsBite Reviews

A list of actual TicketsBite reviews that customers have sent us. We publish negative reviews as well. Contact us to have your review posted.

Love it!!!

This service is absolutely amazing! I got a $500 ticket and they paid it for me no questions asked. I will be a life-long customer of TicketsBite for sure!

A very good service

I submitted a claim on Apr 4th for my ticket of $189 after only being a member for about a week. The online system keeps you updated about the status of your claim throughout the entire process. They approved and paid the claim the very next day with no problems.

- Pay tickets fast
- Cheap, $49 is nothing compared to $250
- Easy claims process, everything is online
- Friendly staff

- I need more coverage!

I can't recommend this service enough. They do what they say. The staff is very professional and polite as well.

No complaints here, they paid my ticket

What more can I say? I had a ticket and they paid it as promised. Will be telling everyone I know for sure.


Awesome, thanks Tickets Bite!

Good service but I wish...

First of all, this service is really good. They have paid a couple of my parking tickets with no problems. The only thing keeping me from rating this 5 stars is that I wish they would cover every single kind of ticket and offered more coverage. There are only 4 plans to pick from and I'd like to see more options.

That is a minor complaint, though, the service and staff are really good and I am happy to be a member.


FREAKING A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! Ticketbite really saved me when I was about to be in big financial trouble...sooooooo glad that I was a member! Love you guys!!!!


This was kinda my fault, but my claim was denied for a parking ticket. I wasn't under the plan that covered parking tickets and I thought that I was. Just make sure you know what is covered and which plan you're signing up with before you sign up.

Only positive things to say about TicketsBite

Nothing negative from me, thank you ticketsbite!

Thank you

A big special thanks to everyone at TicketsBite for helping me through this tough financial situation. I had a $561 ticket that there was no way I could pay and they took care of it!

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