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Let's see how it works
You'll find a general overview of how our service works below.

1. Become a member

Our service is not retroactive. You will only be covered for tickets the day after you sign up.

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2. Ticket received

You receive a ticket from a government agency. Speeding? Expired Insurance? Don't worry, you have traffic ticket protection.

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3. File a claim

Visit our easy-to-use website and file a claim via photo, fax or mail.

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4. Ticket paid

You're done! Once we process your claim, we'll reimburse you and send you a receipt. How easy was that?

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Dec 31, 1969
  • imac icon Covered

    • Speeding
    • Illegal U-Turn
    • Turn Signal Violation
    • Running a Red Light
    • Running a Stop Sign
    • Seat Belt Violations
    • Other Hazardous Violations
  • auto icon Plan Specific

    • Following too Close
    • Parking Violations
    • Regulatory Violations
    • Vehicle Violations
    • Traffic School Costs
    • Insurance Premium Increases
  • education icon Not Covered

    • Disorderly Conduct
    • Bicycle Laws
    • Hit and Run
    • Any criminal violations not mentioned

Never receive tickets? We can help you too!

We cover violations that you might not think about such as expired insurance and broken tail lights. Plus, the average fine is $380 and that's more than our service costs for 5 years!

You wouldn't go without car or home insurance, so don't go without ticket protection either!

Reasons to Sign Up
  • The average ticket is $380, our service costs a fraction of that!
  • We cover things like expired insurance and broken tail lights
  • We'll cover insurance increases and traffic school
  • If you never get a ticket, we'll lower your rate
  • You can try us FREE for 7 days

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