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We're temporarily closed
Help us with the legal battle.

Traffic tickets are extremely expensive, and their main goal is to produce profit, not to enforce safe driving. TicketsBite would provide the financial means for people who make a mistake on the road to afford a ticket, because without it they would be in financial distress.

Big Bad Uncle Sam

Unfortunately, federal and state governments are only concerned with squashing small businesses. Because we are a small business, we lack the proper funds to provide an appropriate legal defense for TicketsBite. For this reason, we've had to temporarily cease operations until a law firm or investor is willing to help us win the legal battle. You can help by calling your local state government and telling them there is a need for TicketsBite, or by helping us with a legal defense.

We've already paid out hundreds of claims and will continue to do so until their time has expired. However, we will not accept any new payments for the time being. Thank you to all who signed up and believed in us. We hope to serve you again soon.

Best Regards,
TicketsBite Management