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About our Company

TicketsBite LLC currently helps over 1,000 people stay protected against unexpected, high cost traffic tickets. The ticket industry is a multi-billion dollar business aimed towards generating revenue, not safety.

A note from our co-founder

Fines used to exist to deter unsafe driving, but now their primary purpose is to create revenue for all government entities. I decided to start a company that would enable the average driver to easily pay for the unexpected, high cost traffic ticket.  Chris Thomas

We enable average drivers to financially prepare for high cost traffic tickets. Through the pre-payment approach, offering four major plans varying in cost and coverage, the company considers affordability and protection needs for each individual. TicketsBite also encourages ticket-free driving by offering cash back for safe driving and paying for traffic safety school.

Overall, TicketsBite provides personal financial security and assistance with the high cost of traffic tickets. We look forward to having you as a customer.

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Meet our Team
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Chris Thomas
Co-founder and President, Press Relations

Chris joined the Air Force at age 18, and served for four years. His military specialty was Air Transportation and completed one tour in Afghanistan. After his enlistment contract he began establishing himself in the civilian professional sector. He worked for several companies in the areas of customer service, policy research, fraud analytics, economics and finance. He has also participated in highly sought after internships with the State Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Chris graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in criminal justice and a Master's Degree in public administration.

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Jason Stackman
Co-founder and Vice President, Head of Technology

Jason is also the founder of ArrowSuites, a leading company in PHP and internet software development. He previously has started two other highly successful companies and has been working with computers and websites since the age of 12. He is also responsible for the design and feel of the TicketsBite website.

Jason graduated from Arizona State University where he received a B.S. in criminal justice & criminology.

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Mary Huber
Head of Customer Service, Team Management

Leading our customer service and training team is Mary. You'll find her on the front lines gathering feedback, giving support, and going the extra mile to make sure people are satisfied with their TicketsBite service.

Mary genuinely enjoys making things right if they've gone wrong, and hopes that she can give you the best experience possible.